Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recommendations for Obama Transition

As requested by the Obama transition team, ASAN presented its top policy priorities for autism issues. ASAN President Ari Ne'eman made the following statement regarding ASAN's recommendations on autism policy:


This past Friday, we met with representatives from the Office of the President-Elect on Autism Policy. The meeting was attended by representatives from the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, Easter Seals, TASH, the Marino Foundation, Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of America. At the request of the Office of the President-elect, we presented to the new administration our top three policy priorities for the coming year: 1) Supporting and Empowering autistic adults, 2) Ending School Abuse and Ensuring a Free and Appropriate Public Education for Every Student, and 3) Balancing the Research Agenda in Support of Quality of Life. You can read our recommendations to the new Administration on our website and we encourage you to post them on your blogs, listservs and elsewhere.

Although these are our top three priorities, they do not represent our only action items and we are pleased to report that the incoming administration expressed a strong interest in remaining in continuous contact on these and other issues. It is absolutely essential that we ensure that autistic self-advocates have a voice at the policy table and we will continue to keep you up to date as we advocate for the autistic community.
Nothing About Us, Without Us!
Ari Ne'eman
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network
1660 L Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20036

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