Saturday, May 2, 2009

Episode Two of Prism Vox

One of the very cool aspies that I had the privilege to meet at our first meeting Thursday night was Noranne. She has posted episode two of her podcast Prism Vox. She is certainly a lot of fun to listen to. In this podcast she lays into Dr. Tony Attwood for involving himself with the group Families of Adults Affected by Asperger’s Syndrome (FAAS). Warning, the content of her podcast may not be suitable for some. Admittedly there is a fair amount of swearing, something that I am not a fan of, but to Noranne’s credit it never comes as something dirty. It is just her natural way of speaking. Keep up the good work Noranne.


Ari Ne'eman said...

I liked the podcast quite a bit. It would be good to see more of that, perhaps with a centralized infrastructure to maximize listenership, like a radio station. These types of activities help to promote a stronger and more unified Autistic culture and community. Noranne should be very proud of her work and keep it up.

Izgad said...

Thank you for your support. I know that Melanie has been in contact with you, but I have not gotten around to thanking you for all of your help. Do you have any particular ideas as to the creation of a centralized infrastructure?
Benzion N. Chinn

Ari Ne'eman said...

In the context of the radio show?

Thank you for your work spreading ASAN and neurodiversity to OSU.